Heat Illnesses

SunburnSwelling, pain and redness of skin, blisters, fever, headachesApply cool cloths to the burned area or immerse in cool water. Apply moisturizing lotion. Do not use salve, butter or ointment. Do not break blisters. Get medical attention for sunburned babies less than 1 year old.
Heat CrampsMuscle pain, heavy sweating.Stop all activity for a few hours. Drink water, clear juice or a sports beverage. Get medical attention if cramps do not go away within 1 hour.
Heat ExhaustionHeavy sweating, cramps, tiredness, weakness, headache, cool and moist skin, fast and weak pulse, fast breathing, nausea, fainting.Get the victim out of the sun, lay them down and loosen clothing. Apply cool, wet cloths. Give sips of a nonalcoholic drink. Get medical attention right away if the symptoms are severe or if the victim has heart problems or high blood pressure.
Heat StrokeHigh body temperature (103° orally.) Red, hot, dry skin without sweating. Rapid, strong pulse. Throbbing headache. Dizziness, nausea, confusion, unconsciousness.Do not give fluids to drink. Move the victim out of the sun and cool them down using a garden hose, sponging with cool water or any other method to cool them rapidly.

Source: Heat Awareness Day 2012 Information